Rule the Runway

Item no. 1110100013 | Piece count: 1000 | Year of release: 2023

Strike a pose, it’s time to slay at the world’s fiercest drag contest! The cameras are rolling and the glamorous judges are ready and waiting, but are they truly prepared for the extravaganza that the queens have in store? What could possibly have left the judges and the crew, completely lost for words?

The judges can barely believe their eyes, but have they been blinded by glitter or is this sensational show the most dazzling one yet? That is the scene you will have to puzzle.




Extra hint 1
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Wasgij Original 42 - Rule the Runway!
Wasgij Original 42 - Rule the Runway! Hint 1
Wasgij Original 42 - Rule the Runway! Hint 2
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