Bill Houston

Bill Houston caught the eye of the Jumbo team with his excellent eye for detail and hilarious caricature illustrations, and it was a no-brainer when it came to asking him to join the Wasgij team and be the man behind the humour in the brand new puzzle releases in June 2013.

Puzzles by Bill Houston

Dick Heins

Despite that Dick Heins was born with a pencil in his hand, his professional career started in 1998. During his education as a graphic designer he came in contact with comic books and he started illustrating himself. The beginning of his career was filled with illustrations for puzzle magazines, children’s magazines and comics. This was done in many different styles, which made him truly an illustration chameleon.

Puzzles by Dick Heins

Graham Thompson

Graham loves to draw everyday objects, situations, and the predicaments that we can find ourselves in from time to time. But the great thing about his drawings is his skill at finding the funny – and often ridiculous – side of anything. Graham’s wonderful sense of humour shines through in all his images.

Puzzles by Graham Thompson

James Alexander

James Alexander has been a professional illustrator since 1982, although he showed great promise at the age of 2 when his first masterpiece came in the form of a large rainbow that was created by using wax crayons and running them across the wall in his parents’ dining room – a shining talent some might say!

Puzzles by James Alexander

Neil Easton

Neil Easton has been a professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer since 1983. Now working from his studio at home he started work in the Gift and greeting card industry and was has also been a Design Agency Creative Director with great success.

Puzzles by Neil Easton

Paul Gibbs

Paul started his creative life in Advertising, sketching campaign ideas with his felt tip pens. After moving to an agency that specialised in Games and Media, he became a full time illustrator, working in publishing. He now enjoys creating more of that inimitable Wasgij humour.

Puzzles by Paul Gibbs
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