James Alexander

James Alexander has been a professional illustrator since 1982, although he showed great promise at the age of 2 when his first masterpiece came in the form of a large rainbow that was created by using wax crayons and running them across the wall in his parents’ dining room – a shining talent some might say!

Now working from a studio at the end of his garden, James loves nothing more than drawing all day and every day, just as long as he’s able to put his thoughts and inspiration on paper. Jumbo first asked James to illustrate their ‘Love to Hate’ range where the puzzles are on everyday subjects that in some ways we love, and others we hate – like the pleasure of DIY, when it works, but the problems it causes when it doesn’t!

Realising how much pleasure James gets from knowing that his illustrations make people laugh, we decided that he would be a great artist to work on the Wasgij range – alongside Graham Thompson. Wasgij is a challenging concept, but with lots of humour to keep the puzzling fun – and we can rely on James to keep you chuckling as you puzzle.

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