Dick Heins

Despite that Dick Heins was born with a pencil in his hand, his professional career started in 1998. During his education as a graphic designer he came in contact with comic books and he started illustrating himself. The beginning of his career was filled with illustrations for puzzle magazines, children’s magazines and comics. This was done in many different styles, which made him truly an illustration chameleon.

When the studio Jan van Haasteren was founded in 2013 he was asked to join the team by Jan himself. He didn’t have to think twice, because Jan was his favourite artist of all time. Since then Dick has made many puzzle illustrations for the brand Jan van Haasteren.

Dick works out of his home in The Netherlands in the ‘old fashioned way’ by using paper, pencil and ink. The colouring is done by computer.


In 2018 Royal Jumbo asked Dick to join the Wasgij team, which he happily accepted. Dick’s first Wasgij puzzle launched in January 2019.

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