Theme Park Thrills!

Item no. 25005 | Piece count: 1000 | Year of release: 2021

Wasgij Destiny 23: For decades families have been drawn to the fun and excitement of amusement parks. ‘Have a Jolly Nice Day Out Land’ is filled with charming family-friendly attractions including vintage carousels, teacups and kitten rides, coconut shies, and a tired-looking mascot posing for pictures.

Modern thrill-seekers need adrenaline-fuelled entertainment that’s truly state-of-the-art, with extreme rides and roar-some attractions that leave you in tears of joy… or terror. Just how different does the action-packed amusement park of today really look? This is the scene you have to puzzle!

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Wasgij Destiny 23 Theme Park Thrills!
Wasgij Destiny 23 Theme Park Thrills! Hint 1
Wasgij Destiny 23 Theme Park Thrills! Hint 2
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