170 Years of Jumbo

Item no. 1119800223 | Piece count: 1000 | Year of release: 2023

Street parties have always been a great way to mark a big occasion! Family, friends and neighbours are all making sure the kids have plenty to eat and plenty to play with. Jumbo has been there longer than granddad can remember. Long before the 1978 royal warrant he’s reading about in his newspaper.

The same families have got together to mark 170 years of Jumbo. But what games and puzzles have caught the next generation’s imagination? What are the special treats and surprises crowding the table, and how are they celebrating today? This is the scene you have to puzzle!

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Wasgij Destiny - 170 Years of Jumbo
Wasgij Destiny - 170 Years of Jumbo - Hint 1
Wasgij Destiny - 170 Years of Jumbo - Hint 2
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