Retro Original 2 – Happy Holidays!

Item no. 19153 | Piece count: 1000 | Year of release: 2019

Wasgij Retro Original 2: ‘Happy Holidays!’ is the title of this hugely entertaining 1000-piece Wasgij Original piece jigsaw puzzle. Happy Holidays illustrates a family who is looking forward to getting on the plane and flying to the warm sunshine that they’ve been waiting for all year.

But what could spoil their summer pleasure and get them wishing they’d not booked with ‘Cheepo Air’. What can be causing the scene on the puzzle box?

Extra hint 1
Extra hint 2
Wasgij Retro - Happy Holidays!
Wasgij Retro - Happy Holidays! Hint 1
Wasgij Retro - Happy Holidays! Hint 2
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